Summer Oryx hunting is one of the greatest big game hunting opportunities that New Mexico has to offer. It happens at a time of year when there’s little if any other hunting available. The meat is absolutely some of the best game meat in the world. And it’s an incredibly fun spot-and-stalk adventure with lots of animals.

We always love the summer oryx hunts, and this year was no exception. Here’s a quick recap of our 2021 adventures…

These hunts proved to be a great start to our 2021 season. We had three off-range hunters and ended up taking three bulls over 36”. These are all very nice bulls for off-range hunts. This has been typical of our oryx hunts, having near 100% success on mature bulls.

Guided Oryx Hunt in New Mexico

This year was hot and dry, which made for excellent oryx hunting conditions. All of our hunters tagged out on the first day. We saw great numbers of animals and had action nearly the entire time.

On a normal hunt, we usually see around 10 oryx per day. But throughout June and July, we averaged seeing between 70 and 100 oryx each day. These summer months often scare people off, because of the heat. But in reality, it’s not what most folks think.

The summer months are actually the best time to hunt oryx. During this time of year, they are more docile. This usually gives hunters multiple stalking opportunities. Then, the oryx tend to become more skittish the later we get into the year. On these recent summer hunts, we were actively hunting oryx from sun up, all day long. We were covered up in oryx, making it a fun and exciting experience for each one of our hunters.


If you’d like to learn more about guided oryx hunts in New Mexico with LOH Outfitters, please take a moment to review our oryx-hunting page. If you’d like to book a hunt or check availability, you can contact us here. Or call LOH owner Jerry Blake directly at 315-374-8209.

Guided Summer Oryx Hunt in New Mexico