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The New Mexico elk hunting season is on the horizon. It’s time to get ready for a guided New Mexico hunt of a lifetime. Our hunts boast a 90+% shot opportunity and the trophy quality is exceptional. Hunters should arrive ready to hike hard, glass hard, and hunt hard. After all the anticipation, you want to be ready when the opportunity presents itself.

Here are four quick tips to prepare for a guided New Mexico hunt

1. Know the Terrain

New Mexico hunts take place on a wide variety of different terrain. There’s some flat ground but plan on hiking over loose rocks and up some relatively steep slopes to access remote water sources and the rugged canyons that hold big bulls. Spend your off season training to hike vertical slopes. Get your legs in shape by hiking regularly or doing stadium stairs. If you don’t have access to outdoor training, then hit the stair stepper and treadmill to keep up your cardio and leg strength.

New Mexico Archery Elk Hunt

2. Get Your Gear in Order

Your clothing and boots are especially important in New Mexico. The weather can change in an instant. Hunters might experience everything from full sun and heat to random blizzards and cold. The high desert weather is fickle and arriving with your gear in order is important.

Choose a light base layer that offers sun protection and breathability while hunting through warm weather conditions but also keep a quality mid layer along and a heavy layer in the vehicle just in case things take a turn. The mornings and evenings are often chilly and the days warm. Watching the weather report will help determine if you might need those extra layers in the field. For more clothing recommendations, check out our videos that cover early season clothing and cold weather clothing.

Boots are absolutely critical when hiking through the rough terrain but you don’t want anything too insulated or heavy. We like Kenetrekboots. Whichever boot you choose, go for stability, lightweight and breathable in New Mexico. You want protection but also don’t want your feet sweating all day. There are plenty of great options on the market that fit this profile. Adding a set of gaiters is also a good idea when hiking through the tough scrub brush in New Mexico. It will protect your pants and make it easier to bust through brush.

For more gear recommendations, take a look at our videos about our weapon recommendations and hunting accessories.

Post-Rut Elk Hunting with LOH Outfitters

3. Shoot all Year

Speaking of your weapon…shoot, shoot and shoot some more. Whether it’s a bow hunt or a rifle hunt, make range days a regular habit as you prepare for your guided New Mexico hunt. Confidence comes through practice and experience. While we will always do our best to close the gap, having the ability to shoot out farther never hurts. Hunters making the effort to travel to specific destinations are invested in the process and shooting skills will only stand to increase harvest rates on current and future hunts. Consider taking a course and use instructors to train and advance as a shooter in general.

4. Know What You Want

What are your goals and what are you hoping to harvest? In the moment, expectations can change but it helps to set your goals before entering any hunt. Be realistic. If this is your first elk, a bull over 300” might be a great goal to shoot for. If you’ve already killed a 320” bull, you might have a higher bar in mind. Know what you’re after and express that to your guides in advance. This makes it easier to quickly make shoot/pass decisions while glassing. Our hunts have exceptional success rates and big bulls are common. Know what you want and be prepared to make the shot count.

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October Guided Hunt in New Mexico