At LOH Outfitters, our elk hunters have exceptional success rates for mature bull elk. We focus on some of the best New Mexico elk units for trophy bulls, including the remote Gila Wilderness and Cibola National Forest.

Every hunt is unique. Each unit offers something totally different and it’s worth spending some time considering the type of hunt you really want to pursue. Our hunters enjoy everything from easy access to remote backcountry. Landscapes include steep mountains, sweeping hills, and rocky canyons with a mix of sage, piñon juniper and timber. No matter the backdrop though, all make for unforgettable trophy elk hunts.

When you call to begin planning a hunt, we’ll walk you through the options and help decide on the experience that best fits your goals and expectations. Then, our team will work to structure your New Mexico elk application accordingly.

If you don’t draw a license in the annual big game draw, guaranteed landowner tags are a great alternative for an extra cost. Prices vary depending on the unit and season. But most landowner tags run from $4,000 to $7,500. If you didn’t draw a license but you’re interested in hunting this year and willing to purchase a landowner tag, please contact us with as much notice as possible. These guaranteed tags are highly limited and always sell out quickly.

Whether you draw a tag or purchase a landowner tag, get ready for an incredible hunting experience. We may be biased, but elk hunting in New Mexico is second to none!

If you have questions about which units would be the right fit for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Or give us a call now at 315-374-8209 to check the current availability of landowner tags.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the New Mexico elk units where we focus most of our efforts:

Unit 13

Elk-Hunt-Corey-Dean - LOH Outfitters

New Mexico elk units 13, 15 and 17 are primitive weapon only elk units, offering bow hunts and muzzleloader hunts. There are no rifle hunts in this unit, making it an awesome trophy unit for archery and black powder hunters. To learn more about New Mexico’s primitive weapon units and why we love them so much, see our previous article on that subject.

The archery seasons take place in September and muzzleloader seasons occur in October and November. One of the October muzzleloader seasons is set-aside specifically for youth hunters. This is a premier elk unit, so draw odds for nonresidents are low – but remember that in New Mexico, a separate pool of licenses is available to hunters who apply with an outfitter. When you apply with us, you could double or even triple your odds of drawing.

The terrain in unit 13 is varied, ranging from desert canyons and piñon juniper lowlands up to ponderosa and aspen forests in some areas. Most access is relatively easy, allowing us to hunt from comfortable and convenient camp locations.

Unit 15

Elk Hunting in New Mexico Unit 17

Unit 15 in New Mexico is another muzzleloader or archery only trophy unit. The unit adjoins the southwest corner of unit 13 and runs to the Arizona state line. Like unit 13, this is a premier unit and draw odds are slim for nonresident hunters. It really pays to apply with an outfitter when trying to draw these tags.

The terrain in unit 15 tends to be a bit more steep and rugged than unit 13. Expect to hunt through rolling hills in some areas, with steeper high-elevation country throughout the rest of the unit. This is a great unit with big bulls and diverse terrain that offers both quick access and more remote areas.

Unit 16B


An elk hunt in the remote Gila Wilderness on horseback hunt is the trip of a lifetime. It’s rugged country across a sprawling roadless area. Horses offer an advantage for access and packing abilities. If you want a true wilderness hunt, the Gila is one of the best in the west.

The Gila units in New Mexico have some of the toughest draw odds in the country for elk. Licenses are highly limited, keeping the quality very high. Like other units in New Mexico, applying with an outfitter will greatly increase your odds of drawing. Just as importantly, our guides are full time New Mexico residents and know these areas intimately. When you draw that tag of a lifetime, we will be here to help you make the most of it.

Unit 17

New Mexico Archery Elk Hunting

Unit 17 is another primitive weapon only unit. And it’s definitely one worth pursuing. Some of the biggest bulls harvested in New Mexico are coming from this unit, largely because it has great habitat and terrain that allows them to grow old. Two wilderness areas and elevations pushing to 10,000 feet make this a great option for elk hunters.

Unit 17 offers a very diverse range of terrain and habitat types. Elk can be found in open sage and grassland areas, all the way up to the rugged wilderness peaks. Most of our hunting takes place in the steeper piñon and ponderosa woodlands. And like any elk hunt, the better your physical condition, the more opportunities you’ll have.

Unit 36

Elk Hunting in New Mexico Unit 36

New Mexico elk unit 36 is steep and rugged. It’s home to some incredible elk country and serious trophy bulls. But like most of New Mexico, unit 36 is no secret and draw odds can be tough – yet another reason to apply as a guided hunter. Not only will that increase your odds, but our team of guides works year-round to make the most of a valuable tag.

LOH has enjoyed 100% success in unit 36. Whether you pull a tag in the draw or purchase a landowner tag, this unit presents elk hunters with an incredible opportunity.

Contact Us With Questions

If you’d like to learn more about guided hunts in New Mexico in these trophy elk units with LOH Outfitters, please take a few minutes to review the information on our elk hunting page. For specific availability, applications questions or anything else, you’re welcome to call or text us at (575) 517-6083. We’d love to help you plan your ultimate New Mexico elk hunt!