Previously, we shared our recommended clothing for a warm, early season elk hunt or pronghorn hunt. If you’re interested in our early season packing scheme, go take a look here. In this blog post, we’ll be talking about cold weather gear.

Yes, the weather for elk hunting in New Mexico is generally warmer than it is for our neighbors in Colorado and further up the Rockies. However, down here in the desert, cold weather is still possible – sometimes very cold. If you’re hunting in October, November and December, you will need to be prepared to deal with cold weather.

Your ability to stay comfortable in the field is important. First off, you’ll have more fun when you’re not miserable. Second, staying in the field longer and staying focused on the hunt will allow you to be more successful. Simply put – when you’re comfortable, you’ll be able to hunt harder and hunt longer.

When it comes to packing your clothing for a cold weather hunt in New Mexico, take a look at Jerry’s recommendations:

As you pack for the hunt, make a checklist that includes each of the following categories:

Cold Weather Base Layers:

Make sure you have at least two or three base layers in varying weights that you can mix and match depending on the weather conditions. As Jerry mentioned in the video, we highly recommend merino wool for its versatility and natural odor resistance.

Cold Weather Insulation:

Bring at least two insulation pieces – one lightweight down vest or jacket for mild conditions and one heavy down jacket for glassing in cold temperatures. Packing two or even three insulation pieces of different weights will allow you to stay comfortable in a wide range of temps.

Cold Weather Footwear:

Again, we highly recommend merino wool or a merino-synthetic blend for your socks. A critical part of staying comfortable in cold weather is moisture management. And any cotton next to your skin is a recipe for being cold and clammy. The best boots in the world won’t do their job if you’re wearing cotton socks underneath.

Speaking of boots – we’re big fans of Kenetrek boots. They are great boots for mountain hunting and if treated right, they will last you for years. They’re both waterproof and breathable. When paired with quality hiking socks, they’ll keep you dry and comfortable in the field.

Cold Weather Outerwear:

A durable, water resistant hunting pant like the Kuiu Attack Pro is perfect for hunting in these conditions. When the weather is mild, you can wear them alone. And when things turn cold, you can add merino wool long underwear.

We’d recommend bringing a soft-shell jacket that’s wind resistant and fairly warm but not heavily insulated. The Kuiu Guide jacket is a great example. You want to be able to add or remove layers underneath to match conditions.

Finally, pack a quality set of breathable rain gear. In addition to keeping you dry, the hard shell rain gear is also wind-proof. If needed, you can put it on while glassing to block the wind on a chilly day. High quality rain gear strikes that fine balance between weather protection, durability and a lightweight/packable design. What cold weather gear questions do you have? Drop us a line.

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