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Deer Hunts


Mule Deer Hunting in New Mexico

Mule deer are arguably one of the most sought after species of the west. New Mexico inhabits two different sub species the Rocky Mountain mule deer in the northern half of the state, and the desert mule deer in the southern half of the state. 

With human expansion affecting habitat and migration routes mule deer population is effected. With mule deer populations bottoming out in the 1900’s with approximately 40,000 animals. With the help of state and federal organization, and other volunteer programs like the mule deer foundation, RMEF restoring grasslands, prescribed fire to increase browsing vegetation and habitat, predator control Mule-deer population where on a rebound.  

In 1938 populations where estimated 150,000 animals and by 1950 peaked out by 301,000 animals. With Managment and New Mexico Game and Fish populations are estimated to be around 200,000 today . 

Mule deer are known for their keen eye sight and giant 9″ ears. Built to bound off all four legs rather than run like that of any other ungulate. The mule deer rut extends from mid-November to early January depends on location in the state. Fawns are typically born  in June or July and typically stay with the mother till the following breeding season.  Bucks typically cast their antlers in late April early May and grow a new set every year. 

New Mexico has several hunting seasons open for mule deer. Early season for velvet mule deer opens September 1st-24th and is archery only. Late October for muzzleloader and early November for rifle and a January rut hunt with archery.

What To Expect with a Mule Deer Hunt

Things to expect on your hunt be prepared to walk 1-8 miles per day in mountainous terrain. Spending a lot of time glassing the Mahogany hill side. Rifle shots range from 100-500 yards and archery from 40-100 yards. Typically, hunting in higher elevations 5,000ft-10,000ft. above sea level.

Gear Tips For An Awesome Mule Deer Hunt
  • Good pair of hiking boots 6-8″ tall
  • Good pair of glassing binoculars 10×42 or better
  • Good hunting backpack with plenty  of room for water and snacks 
  • Recommend good tripod for glassing or shooting 
  • Good layering system on camo depending on season and weather conditions


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