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Anyone who has dreamed of chasing big bull elk out west has found themselves looking at New Mexico more than once. New Mexico is widely known for the Gila units, which can produce monster bulls. These units are the most sought after tags in all of New Mexico. These are rifle units, and while the kill rate is high, the draw odds are extremely low. We want to assure you that New Mexico has much more to offer.

As a New Mexico outfitter, we’ve had the opportunity to hunt some of the best units in the state. It’s a privilege to share the experience alongside our clients as they harvest once in a lifetime bulls on unforgettable journeys.

Primitive Weapon Elk Units

Fortunately for hunters who wish to hunt New Mexico’s monster bulls without the extremely low draw odds, we are proud to offer hunts in primitive weapon trophy units. These units offer archery and muzzleloader hunts, but no rifle seasons.

Hunting in units 13, 15 and 17, our clients have the opportunity to experience an upper age class of bulls that competes with the top units in New Mexico, Arizona and anywhere else in the west. But because these units are limited to bow and muzzleloader, the draw odds for guided hunters are very reasonable.

While these units are limited to primitive weapons, New Mexico does not have highly restrictive muzzleloader regulations. In fact, our clients have the option to use our Best Of The West custom muzzleloaders. These muzzleloaders have a guaranteed 100% success rate on bulls ranging from 100-600 yards. We strongly believe these muzzleloaders give our clients the confidence and assurance they need to seize their once in a lifetime opportunities.

Elk Hunting Image

Don’t just take our word for it. Do the research on units 13, 15 and 17. These units are known for big bulls. We’ve had great success in these units, with multiple bulls exceeding the 340’’ mark. Although these units neighbor each other, they are very different landscapes. 

Unit 13

In unit 13, you can expect to be hunting at elevations from 5,000- 8,000 feet. The unit consists mainly of rolling hills, piñon and juniper woodlands, and high desert sagebrush. Unit 13 is one of the most accessible trophy units in the state. This unit is home to some legendary elk hunting ranches, which produce some truly big bulls. This gives our hunters in unit 13 the chance at discovering a true giant.

Unit 17

In unit 17, hunters can expect elevations ranging from 4,500-10,000 feet. This unit is more physically demanding than unit 13. The unit includes two rugged wilderness areas, large swaths of Cibola National Forest, and provides great wintering grounds for elk. Located just north of the Gila National Forest, this unit does share some elk with the Gila. However, it is the Cibola National Forest that has produced some of the best bulls in the state for nearly a decade now.

Unit 15

Unit 15 provides a combination of the terrain found in unit 13 and unit 17. This provides us with a variety of options, from more accessible to more physically challenging hunts. This unit is located in the Gila National Forest, against the Arizona border. In all likelihood, hunters will encounter big, beautiful bulls in unit 15.

Other New Mexico Units

While much of our archery and muzzleloader hunting is done in units 13, 15, and 17, New Mexico offers great early season hunts in units that aren’t entirely limited to the primitive weapons. Unit 36 and unit 10 offer archery hunts in September, a muzzleloader rut hunt in early October, followed by regular rifle seasons.

No matter what kind of elk hunting experience you’re looking for, from early September bow hunts, to hunting solitary bulls in October or November with a muzzleloader or a rifle, we can help you plan your dream elk hunt.

Plus, when you apply with an outfitter in New Mexico, your odds are drastically higher than when applying on your own. Don’t wait too long. Come experience New Mexico!

You can learn more by visiting our elk hunting page. For details or specific availability, please give us a call at 315-374-8209 or send us a message.