New Mexico is full of surprises when it comes to big game. Most hunters already know about the world-class elk hunting. There are also outstanding opportunities to hunt oryx, Barbary sheep (aoudad), mule deer, record-book pronghorn antelope, bighorn sheep and desert bighorn sheep.

With such a wide variety of game to chase, the options are seemingly endless. At LOH, we love hunting them all. Here’s a broad overview of the opportunities available:


Picture an antelope species weighing up to 500-pounds with beautiful long horns and black stripes against a white muzzle. The meat is among the best wild game on the planet. If you’re interested in antelope hunting in New Mexico, we highly recommend applying for Oryx as well. Draw odds for oryx hunts are better than pronghorn and it’s an outstanding experience! Native to Africa and the Middle East, this species requires very little water and they are doing well in the high desert of New Mexico. The populations jumped over objectives and hunts are available from June to March. This is a great opportunity to hunt during the off-season when there is otherwise nothing on your calendar!

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New Mexico Big Game Hunt

Barbary Sheep

Also referred to as Aoudad, these amazing sheep are flourishing across the state. They give hunters a sheep hunting experience, with far better draw odds than a bighorn sheep. If you want to explore a unique hunt with plenty of public and private land options, the Barbary sheep is a great opportunity. This is a perfect winter hunt with dates ranging between December and February. When big game seasons are closing across the west, this one is just opening. Come hunt sheep in the desert southwest!

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Hunt Barbary Sheep in New Mexico


Our core hunts revolve around big elk in several of New Mexico’s best units. Our clients’ opportunity rate exceeds 90-percent for 280”-390” bulls, something you won’t find in many other places. We focus on units 10, 13, 15, 16, 17 and 36, as well as a unit 16B Gila Wilderness trip. New Mexico has opportunities to hunt elk with a bow, muzzleloader and rifle. If you want a shot at big bulls, these trips offer that unique opportunity.

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Big Game Hunting in New Mexico Unit 17

Mule Deer

Quality bucks and numerous seasonal options make for great mule deer hunting in New Mexico. Dates between October and January are possible with archery, muzzleloader, rifle and a late archery rut hunt. Public and private land options are available with big bucks being harvested every year.

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New Mexico Mule Deer


New Mexico is home to some big pronghorn with serious mass. Most hunts take place in August and hunters should prepare for longer shots in open country. Archery and rifle hunts are both an option. Antelope are fun to chase and New Mexico has some very large bucks roaming the open country.

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New Mexico Pronghorn Hunt

Bighorn Sheep

The odds are low but a few lucky hunters will draw these tags each year. It’s not a hunt to take lightly and preparation is critical. Using guides who know the terrain and the habits of sheep out here makes all the difference. Perhaps the best news, is that we are giving away a free, guided bighorn sheep hunt to any hunter who applies with LOH Outfitters and successfully draws a tag! Follow the link below to learn more.

Learn more about bighorn sheep hunting here.

Bighorn Sheep Hunt

New Mexico Big Game Applications

The application deadline for all big game species in New Mexico is in March every year. However, don’t wait until then to begin planning your hunt. Call us now so that we can begin the process. We build an application strategy for each of our hunters to help you maximize your chances of success, based on your specific goals.

If you’d like to know more or if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can send us a message. Or give us a call at 315-374-8209.