The season is quickly approaching and our hunting guides have been working hard, scouting for elk, mule deer and pronghorn here in New Mexico. As hunters, we know that every season brings a unique set of opportunities and challenges. Fortunately, we have some great things to get excited about in 2020.

New Mexico Elk Hunting Outlook for 2020

“This year is looking very positive,” outfitter, Jerry Blake, recently commented. “We had great fall, winter and early spring moisture. So even though summer conditions are dry, antler growth is great. Many of the water holes still have water and the bulls are looking very healthy. Thanks to that early moisture, there’s still green grass to be found.”

Elks Group

LOH hunting guide, Brendon Rosales, has been busy scouting throughout the spring and summer months. He has a similar take on the situation this year.

“Despite the dry early summer, antler growth for elk in our hunting units looks good,” Brendon reported. “We have been seeing a good calf reproduction rate and all the animals look healthy.

“We’ve received some good rains over the past two weeks, which have re-filled dirt tanks and springs that were starting to get dry,” Brendon continued. “The grass is starting to green up again and both cow and bull elk are looking healthy. The weather has been very good past few weeks with highs in the 80’s and lows in the mid to upper 50s at night.”

The LOH guides have been hitting it hard, checking cameras weekly. According to Brendon, the bulls are nearing the end of their summer antler growth and should be raking off their velvet over the next couple of weeks.

Elk In Night

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Mule Deer and Pronghorn Scouting

In addition to the elk hunting here in New Mexico, the forecast for mule deer and pronghorn hunting looks good too.

“The mule deer are finishing up strong this summer with plenty of grass starting to grow,” Brendon added. “And with only a few weeks until antelope season, we’ve been busy scouting our antelope ranches. The window shopping is pretty good!”

New Mexico is known for producing some of the best trophy antelope in the west. And we are fortunate to have access to high quality private land on our pronghorn hunts. Once again this year, we’re seeing some great bucks on these properties.

Binoculars View Of Elk Group


It has been a relatively dry summer but not a record-breaking year by any means. Thanks to the early moisture over the winter and spring months, we’re seeing some quality trophies across the board.

“If we don’t receive more precipitation to fill more dirt tanks, water is going to be a key for this hunting season,” Brendon concluded.

While we wouldn’t want conditions to be overly dry, it works to our advantage when animals concentrate around the limited remaining water sources in the fall. This can actually help us locate game and create more predictable hunting conditions.

Our hunters have great things to look forward to this season! If you’re hunting with us this year, we can’t wait to see you. If you have questions about our New Mexico elk hunts, or guided hunts for other species, please don’t hesitate to call Jerry directly at 315-374-8209 or contact us online.

In the meantime, please explore the rest of our website to learn more about guided New Mexico hunts with LOH Outfitters. We look forward to helping you plan a memorable adventure!

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