Whether you’re coming to New Mexico for a bow hunt, muzzleloader hunt or rifle hunt, it’s important to come prepared and confident in your weapon. Elk are big, tough animals. In the following video, Jerry outlines some of our weapon recommendations for a New Mexico elk hunt.

In case you missed them, you can also go see our recommendations for early season clothing, late season clothing, and hunting gear and accessories. Each of these videos provide our best recommendations – this is the gear that our guides personally trust and carry in the field on these demanding elk hunts.

In this latest video, we tackle weapons. Of course the choice in weapon for any hunter is highly personal. Ultimately it comes down to practice and confidence. Take a look as Jerry covers our recommendations both for archery elk hunts and rifle hunts:

As a quick recap, here’s what we recommend:

For Bow Hunts:

We recommend a brace height over seven inches. When it comes to your arrows, shoot for a weight of 450-grain at a minimum. That includes your broadhead. More weight and more weight forward will give you the ability to penetrate on an elk. Don’t underestimate the size of these animals! We like simple, durable, fixed-blade broadheads. We don’t recommend expandable broadheads. We’ve had great experiences with Spot Hogg or similar bow sights. Specifically, we’d recommend considering a 3-fixed-pin with an adjustable bottom pin or 5-pin fixed sight.

For Muzzleloader Hunts:

In our opinion, there is no better muzzleloader than a Best of the West muzzleloader. We own several. If you’re joining us on a New Mexico elk hunt, you can rent one of ours. These are capable long-range weapons out to 700 yards. They all feature Huskemaw scopes. Our clients have regularly taken elk out to 400 yards and beyond with these rifles. We’d highly recommend using ours or purchasing one for yourself.

For Rifle Hunts

When it comes to rifles, we like a 7mm Rem. Mag. or a .300 Win. Mag. Either of these is a great all-around gun that you can use on any big game hunt. Once again, we highly recommend Best of the West rifles. Here’s our best tip for choosing a rifle: pick one gun that can do everything and stick with it. When it comes to bipods for our muzzleloaders and rifles, we strongly recommend Atlas bipods.

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