The weather in New Mexico can vary widely, as hunting trips span multiple seasons and elevations. Being a high desert environment in many areas, the comfort level for fall hunts is much nicer than states far to the north. Cold nights, mild days and stable temperatures are not uncommon but weather can play out a number of different ways.

Here are a few ideas when preparing for the hunting seasons and the weather in New Mexico…

Early Season Hunts

Early Season Hunting Weather in New Mexico

The days can be hot, but it’s not all t-shirts and sandals. Early season hunts still require movement through brush and long pants and sleeves are ideal for camouflage and practical use. Breathable clothing and sun protection takes precedence on these early hunts.

It’s counterintuitive but long sleeves and pants are actually beneficial for cooling your body during the heat of the day. A short pair of gaiters or gravel guards are also recommended to keep debris out of your shoes as well. New Mexico also has a summer monsoon season that can carry into the hunting season. And snow is possible at higher elevations, even early in September. So always carry a lightweight set of rain gear.

When it comes to early season footwear, look for a non-insulated boot that still offers plenty of protection from rocks, cactus and other desert obstacles. We highly recommend the full-grain leather boots from Kenetrek for these environments. They’re breathable but will also protect your feet when walking through this desert terrain.

Click here to watch a video, outlining our clothing system for the early season.

Changing Weather Patterns

The early season weather is warm but also fairly predictable. However, don’t expect it to last. Eventually, fall weather takes hold, where days are mixed with warm and cold systems. Here in the high desert, this transition to winter can be choppy. Be prepared for wide temperature swings between the morning, afternoon and evening hours.

In New Mexico, you can see every type of weather in a day. Packing with multiple and versatile layers is always helpful. Rarely will you be wearing the same layers all day. Plan on stripping them off as the morning cold transitions to a more comfortable afternoon temperature.

The remote, wilderness hunts at high elevations have the biggest variations with the highest consequences. High performance clothing is especially critical on remote, horseback wilderness hunts.

The Late Season

Guided Elk Hunting in New Mexico

New Mexico has a variety of hunting seasons with some extending through the winter. Oryx hunts and Barbary sheep hunts are available year-round. But even during the winter hunts, it’s still largely high desert with cool but dry conditions.

You might see snow or rain but it rarely accumulates in a manner that requires specialized equipment beyond good layering, a solid pair of boots and gaiters.

You never know when the snow will fly and the nights can drop to very cold temps at night but New Mexico remains a great environment to hike and hunt throughout the late season. Those late archery and special hunt tags are worth pursuing.

Click here to watch a detailed video about our clothing systems for late season hunts.

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Elk Hunting Weather in New Mexico