Hunters often ask us for a rifle recommendation when planning a New Mexico hunt. What’s the best rifle for a pronghorn hunt? What’s the best rifle for an elk hunt? Our recommendation is simple. Have one rifle that you know extremely well and use it for everything. Here’s what LOH Outfitters owner, Jerry Blake, has to say about it:

“When I was raised, I thought it was best to have 15 or 20 different guns in different calibers and for different animals,” Jerry said. “And it took me until recently when I met the folks at Best of the West to realize that when I open up my gun safe, I don’t want to pick from all those guns, all with different bullets and different scopes.

“Instead, I want to open my gun safe and pull out one gun,” he continued. “When I put that in my hand and go on my hunt, I can be confident knowing it’s going to do exactly what it did last time.”

So instead of trying to sight in and maintain a grip of different rifles, we’d recommend buying one, extremely high quality rifle. This will help you have the utmost confidence and success on your big game hunts.

If you’re looking for a new rifle, one that we would highly recommend is the Best of the West 6.5 PRC. It’s a lightweight, reliable package that has been tested to 1,200 yards. Here’s Jared Peterson from Best of the West to tell us more:

Best of the West Hunting Rifle Recommendation:

When you think of all that you invest –time, money and resources – into your hunting adventures, consider the fact that your weapon is the most important thing you carry with you. Confidence in your weapon is irreplaceable. When that shot opportunity presents itself, can you make it count?

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