We had a great November full of memorable muzzleloader and rifle hunts for elk and mule deer. Some of the late season hunts were challenging, but that just comes with the territory. Here’s a quick update on the November hunts here in New Mexico:

November kicked off with the muzzleloader deer hunts. It proved to be a great start to the month. Our hunters experienced some great New Mexico mule deer hunting. And ultimately on these deer hunts, we are proud to report a 100% success rate.

New Mexico Deer Hunting

The very same week, we had hunters in the field for our late rifle season bull elk hunts. The continuing drought led to a lot of broken antlered bulls this year. But our hunters and guides worked hard for some quality elk. We also went 100% for bull elk that week.

Next up were the rifle mule deer hunts. This rifle season was also productive and our hunters experienced lots of action. Of particular note, we harvested our biggest mule deer buck at 234”. We finished the last rifle season with a 100% success rate.

New Mexico Late Season Mule Deer

We then shifted gears again to our late season bull elk hunts. This week we had unseasonably warm weather. On top of that, we were seeing even more busted up bulls. The drought was clearly taking its toll. Despite the tough conditions, we hunted some great bulls that week and had a fun time with our hunters. But luck was not on our side and we ended the hunt with a 50% success rate.

Finally, we ended the season with the opportunity to take two young hunters on a youth mule deer hunt. It was the first western hunt for these two youngsters and they both were able to take bucks. It was a memorable hunt for all of us!

Youth Hunt in New Mexico

As we wrap up another year, we are already looking forward to new adventures in 2021! Don’t forget, the New Mexico Application period is almost here. Create a New Mexico Game and Fish account and have LOH Outfitters manage your application strategy and submission. That means it’s time to start planning for a new season. Please see our recent post for some answers to FAQs about planning a New Mexico hunt in 2021.

You can also find plenty of information here on the website. Or, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime with questions, availability or any other details.

New Mexico Youth Deer Hunt