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Step 1 –┬áLogging In & Creating Your Account

This video will show you how to create your account at www.wildlife.state.nm.us and login. Make sure when you create your account that you use these criteria for you password and user name. If you loose your password of have trouble logging in please call the New Mexico Game and Fish Department helpline at 1-888-248-6866.

For your user name please use all lowercase characters and your full name (example: christopherdoe).

For your password please use all lowercase characters. The password will be the word “hunter” and your birth YEAR (example: hunter1961)

Step 2 – Purchasing Licenses and Tags

This video will show you exactly what you need to purchase, and how to purchase it on the New Mexico Fish and Game website (www.wildlife.state.nm.us) to be a legal hunter in New Mexico.

Step 3 –┬áPrinting Your License

Make sure you fill out and print the proper forms. You’ll need to have a copy of BOTH forms to hunt.