We’ve been guiding muzzleloader elk hunts in New Mexico for years. But over the past several years, Best of the West Muzzleloaders have fundamentally changed our success on black powder elk hunts. That might sound like hyperbole. But it’s a fact. To learn more, check out the video below. Here’s a look at why we use Best of the West Muzzleloaders:

Why Hunt Elk With A Muzzleloader?

This is often the first question we receive from hunters. The answer is simple – because New Mexico offers muzzleloader-only elk hunts in units where there are no rifle seasons. For example, New Mexico units 13, 17 and 15 are primitive weapon only units. There are archery seasons and muzzleloader seasons – that’s it. No rifle seasons, period.

These primitive weapon units offer some excellent elk hunting for big New Mexico bulls. To learn more about these units and why we enjoy hunting them, go see our previous article on that subject.

If you’re a rifle hunter and the thought of using a muzzleloader sounds complicated or intimidating, don’t let that stop you. Modern muzzleloading equipment is nothing like your dad’s old percussion rifle. In fact, this is where Best of the West Muzzleloaders have been a game changer for us…

Are Best Of The West Muzzleloaders Really That Different?

Check out the following video, as LOH Outfitters owner, Jerry Blake, speaks with Jared Peterson of Best of the West:

These muzzleloaders are easy to use and easy to shoot. Our elk hunting clients have successfully taken elk at ranges we wouldn’t have attempted otherwise. There’s no doubt that we’ve had more success on black powder elk hunts since we began using these highly evolved guns. Even if you’ve never hunted with a muzzleloader before, that’s no reason to let it stop you now.

We offer fully guided elk hunts during New Mexico’s archery, muzzleloader and rifle seasons. Whether you’re interested in a bow hunt or a gun hunt, we can help plan your New Mexico application to give you the best chance at going on the trip of a lifetime.

To learn more, please take a few minutes to review the information on our elk hunting page. If you’d like more specific details or upcoming availability, please contact us now or give Jerry a call at 315-374-8209.

Elk Hunting with Best of the West Muzzleloaders