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How Do I Book My Hunt?

Step 1

Print & Complete Contract

  1. Download Contract
  2. Print Contract
  3. Fill out Contract

Step 2

Mail Contract with Deposit

  1. Write a deposit check for $750
  2. Mail your contract & check to:
    • Jerry Blake
    • 3373 Martin Rd.

      Palmyra, NY 14522

  • Deposit $ holds your spot and is applied to the hunt cost
  • We do not accept credit cards
  • Make checks out to Jerry Blake 

Step 3

Create a NMDGF Account

Note: Please, go through these steps ONLY after you have mailed your contract and deposit!

  1. Create Account using link below
  2. Fill out your personal info online
  3. Call Jerry Blake (315-374 -8209) and relay your online account information
  4. LOH applies for your draw
  • We apply for you to ensure accuracy and correct completion of all forms
  • A non-refundable, one-time fee of $125 is required for application processing (part of your deposit covers this fee)

Do You Have Additional Questions?